Eastons Cricket Club - Pitch Maintenance
Pitch Maintenance

Always work 1/2 wickets ahead depending if you are playing a few home games in a row. i.e. commence work on a strip 2 weeks ahead of the date of the match.
Do not rake the playing wicket during the final week - brush only. Cut the playing wicket to 3 different heights during the 2 weeks taking no more than 1 1/3 off the length of the grass with each cut. Cut to the final height 2 or 3 days before the match and re cut before play commences on the day.
Repair after each match by brushing the loose grass off, seeding and soiling the ends if necessary before rolling the wicket and soaking if necessary.
Start each pitch for at least two weeks before the date of a match. When using the same wicket for the next game, roll from each end to the centre before rolling the complete wicket.
If the wicket is firm, use the light roller only to avoid cracking the surface.
The diagram below shows the idea for wicket rotation. Each strip can be used twice if it looks good at the end of a match.
The ride-on mower is to be used for the square and should be set at the correct height with the strip mower for the wicket only. This should be adjusted at 3 different heights when required for cutting of the strip.